What the hell? I never expected rock band to pull something like this. . . . . .  win.

Damn you Man vs Wild!!11!!1! Acting like you was gonna fall! That’s bull!

Omg, son. A actual tv show did a parody on Pokemon? Never would’ve guessed it. Seriously, babes. Wow.

Let it be said. POKEMON ARE KICK ASS. I gots to admit though, the new ones are crap but u cant beat the original ones. Now we all know today’s Micheal Jackson’s a child molester, but da old Micheal Jackson still rocks. So what would happen if he fought against pokemon? Pure Epic.

Dexterboy does it yet again with one of his creations. He takes JIggs n he answers questions from people like u. Haha like he’d answer to you. jk. Jiggs is beyond awesome with his bad ass self. Bow down to him or he’ll DESTROY YOU!!

So as I wuz searching da old Youtube, I came across one of my favorite series got updated. dexterboy124, otherwise known as dex or dexterboy, has one of da most in depth machinimas possible. Being able to fit in funny with a great story line is rare. So here’s episode 6 of Wolf’s Retarded Mission, babes.

I’ve always had a thing for rap. Hell, I can’t call myself Blackimar if I don’t! Lawlz! Here goes a rap bout link kicking ganondorf’s ass, son. . .I’m black.

If there was ever anything better than a halo machinima, it’s a halo machinima that parodies the greatest games ever. Seriously, babes.

Teh ultimate mash-up. . . . .”never gonna give you up”, “It’s a trap!” , dramatic gopher, “It’s over 9000!!!” . . . . . . all that needs said.

Everyone’s a critic. So don’t be a complete douche instead of a critic, son. There’s a fine line diff. if your just saying ” this is gay!” “WTF!!” Think before you say some shit dammit! Think about what you wanna say n make it constructive. That’s a good comment n it won’t make you seem like a uber noob. So do it right, if not, watch this very, very informative video.

January 2023

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